Zeit: Mittwoch 14.00 - 15.00 Uhr
Ort: UPD Bern, Bolligenstrasse 111, Konferenzraum Laborgebäude

Datum Bereich Verantwortlich
10.01.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
17.01.2018 Preparation of the CNB Science Slam T. König / S. Walther
24.01.2018 Short-term offline effects of neurostimulation on gesture performance S. Walther 
31.01.2018 BOLD correlates of EEG microstates T. König
07.02.2018 Sleep orchestrates local plasticity and global stability of neural assemblies in the human cortex  J. Maier
14.02.2018 The Lausanne Siemens-CHUV Group: Advanced MR imaging and its combination with multimodal modeling for translational applications T. Kober / J. Richiardi 
21.02.2018 Occupational Rehabilitation and Housing Rehabilitation: New Research from UPD's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation  D. Richter

- Mental health at work - the role of stigma in larger Swiss corporations

- Reducing stigma against depression in supervisors and executives

Th. Ihde

Z. Kupper 

07.03.2018  No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
14.03.2018 Manipulation sleep slow oscillations and spindles to improve memory performance in older adults - a study design M. Wunderlin
21.03.2018 MR-imgaging in dementia E. Wertermann 
28.03.2018 Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction in Psychopathology J. König
04.04.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
11.04.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
18.04.2018 Review Club T. König
25.04.2018 Motor abnormalities in early psychosis and subjects at risk - a literature review N. Styger
02.05.2018  No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
09.05.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
16.05.2018 Stress vulnerability and HPA axis functioning in adolescent self-injury and borderline personality disorder M. Kaess
23.05.2018 Calibrated BOLD fMRI in Psychiatry A. Federspiel
30.05.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
06.06.2018 Brainstorming  
13.06.2018 Targeting hippocampal hyperactivity with real-time fMRI based neurofeedback in individuals with and without memory impairment J. Peter
20.06.2018 Wrap-up of the seminar series on Multimodal Non-invasive Brain Stimulation K. Fehér, A. Habich
27.06.2018 Masterarbeit: Validation of the Apraxia Screen of TULIA (AST) in Patients with Schizophrenia K. Scherer
04.07.2018 Carving nature at its joints: periodic catatonia vs cataphasia compared to Bern's motor vs language constructs  J. Foucher
  Summer Break during July - August / No Scientific Conferences until September 2018  
12.09.2018 Psychometric evaluation of an assessment instrument for personal recovery L. Elhilali
19.09.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
10.10.2018 Brain function and structure of eating and obesity  Burkhard Pleger

 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz

(wg. Berner Schlaf-Wach-Tage)

24.10.2018 Bernese Basic Documentation (BeBaDoc) Selina Schär & Christine Sigrist
31.10.2018 Untersuchung mit "social games" bei Schizophrenie Alex Zumstein
07.11.2018 No Scientific Conference / Keine Wissenschaftskonferenz  
14.11.2018 Exploratory behavioural and biological investigation of psychosis risk symptoms in German speaking children, adolescents and adults Jessica Büetiger

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