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Prof. Dr. Dr. Werner Strik

University Hospital of Psychiatry
Bolligenstr. 111
3000 Bern 60

Phone: +41 31 9309 530
Fax: +41 31 9309 958
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Werner Strik studied medicine at the University of Florence. His completed his specialty education at the psychiatric hospital (Adolfo Pazzagli) and neurological hospital (Roberto Zappoli) at the University of Florence and Psychiatric University Hospital Würzburg (Helmut Beckmann). He received his MD at the University of Würzburg. From 1991 to 1993 he had a post doc position at the EEG-EP Mapping Laboratory of Dietrich Lehmann at the Neurological University Hospital in Zürich, sponsored by the German Research Foundation. He then was appointed Deputy Director and Head of the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Würzburg. At the University of Würzburg he also received his habilitation.

In October 1998 Werner Strik was appointed Full Professor and Director of the University Hospital of Psychiatry in Bern. From 2000 to 2002 he was executive director of the Psychiatric Services of Bern and until 2008 medical director.

Werner Strik has been president of the section psychophysiology of the world psychiatric association and president of the swiss society for biological psychiatry. Since 2003 he is Editor in Chief of the Journal Neuropsychobiology published by Karger Publisher. His research focus is biological psychopathology.