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Center for the treatment of addictive disorders
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Changes in neuronal correlates induced by alcohol specific inhibition training in patients with alcohol use disorder (SSA Nr. 283)

Learning to resist the urge: Inhibition training in abstinent alcohol dependent patients (SNF Nr. 105319_159286/1)

The effect of psychosocial and craving-induced stress on social cognition and decision-making in cocaine users: a longitudinal approach (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Boris Quednow, University of Zurich; SNF Nr. 105319_162639/1)

Acute effects of cortisol treatment on alcohol craving in alcohol dependence (SSA Nr. 235)

Telephone-based continuing care for alcohol dependence (Grant from Infodrog, BAG)

Glucocorticoid treatment in combination with exposure therapy for the treatment of social phobia (SNF Nr. 32003B_124947)

Neuronal correlates of glucocorticoid treatment in phobia: a fMRI investigation



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