Simon Schwab, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Translational Research Center
University Hospital of Psychiatry
University of Bern

Phone: +41 31 930 83 39
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What am I doing?

I'm a member of the "addiction" research group and responsible for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) acquisitions and data analyses in the SNF project INTRA headed by Dr. Leila Soravia, Dr. Maria Stein and Prof. Dr. Franz Moggi. Hopefully, our research about alcohol use disorder can improve the patients conditions with specific training and gains a better understanding of relevant brain processes.

What have I done before?

I received training and conducted own research funded by SNF at the Big Data Institute, Nuffield Department of Population Health, and the FMRIB at Oxford University. I actively support the ideas of open science and reproducibility, for example by sharing data and making the full analysis available. My analysis of a randomized clinical trial published in Plos Medicine has been reproduced in the BMJ by one of the most prominent critic in medical research.

Recent publications:

Schwab S, Harbord R, Zerbi V, Elliott L, Afyouni S, Smith JQ, Woolrich MW, Smith SM, & Nichols TE (2018). Directed Functional Connectivity Using Dynamic Graphical Models. NeuroImage 175:340–353.

More on my google scholar page and my personal website.