Prof. Andrea Federspiel, Ph.D.

Dept. of Psychiatric Neurophysiology
University Hospital of Psychiatry
3000 Bern 16

Phone: +41 31 9309371
Fax: +41 31 9309961
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CV of Andrea Federspiel [v Jan. 2014]

Recent Publications

Latest publications (short list)

1. Kindler J., Homan P., Jann K., Federspiel A., Flury R., Hauf M., Strik W., Dierks T., and Hubl D., Reduced neuronal activity in language-related regions after transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy for auditory verbal hallucinations. Biol Psychiatry, 2013. 73(6): p. 518-24.

2. Jann K., Orosz A., Dierks T., Wang D.J., Wiest R., and Federspiel A., Quantification of network perfusion in ASL cerebral blood flow data with seed based and ICA approaches. Brain Topogr, 2013. 26(4): p. 569-80.

3. Giezendanner S., Walther S., Razavi N., Van Swam C., Fisler M.S., Soravia L.M., Andreotti J., Schwab S., Jann K., Wiest R., Horn H., Muller T.J., Dierks T., and Federspiel A., Alterations of white matter integrity related to the season of birth in schizophrenia: a DTI study. PLoS One, 2013. 8(9): p. e75508.

4. Walther S., Hugli S., Hofle O., Federspiel A., Horn H., Bracht T., Wiest R., Strik W., and Muller T.J., Frontal white matter integrity is related to psychomotor retardation in major depression. Neurobiol Dis, 2012.

5. Walther S., Hofle O., Federspiel A., Horn H., Hugli S., Wiest R., Strik W., and Muller T.J., Neural correlates of disbalanced motor control in major depression. J Affect Disord, 2012. 136(1-2): p. 124-33.

6. Stein M., Federspiel A., Koenig T., Wirth M., Strik W., Wiest R., Brandeis D., and Dierks T., Structural plasticity in the language system related to increased second language proficiency. Cortex, 2012. 48(4): p. 458-65.

7. Orosz A., Jann K., Wirth M., Wiest R., Dierks T., and Federspiel A., Theta burst TMS increases cerebral blood flow in the primary motor cortex during motor performance as assessed by arterial spin labeling (ASL). Neuroimage, 2012. 61(3): p. 599-605.

8. Orosz A., Jann K., Federspiel A., Horn H., Hofle O., Dierks T., Wiest R., Strik W., Muller T., and Walther S., Reduced cerebral blood flow within the default-mode network and within total gray matter in major depression. Brain Connect, 2012. 2(6): p. 303-10.

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Current Research 

Working on Swiss National Foundation project "Therapeutic response and neurobiological prediction markers in auditory verbal hallucinations"

Working on Swiss National Foundation project "Formal thought disorder: Pathophysiology and its implication for specific treatment"

Working on Swiss National Foundation project [Special Program Uivesit Medicine (SPUM)] "Impact of qualitative MR perfusion imaging on the management of patients with carotid artery disease"

Working on optimization and standardization of Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) sequence within the current COST Action BM1103 on "ASL in Dementia (AID)"

Working of Perfusion Phantom


Current Teaching

"Advanced Neuroimaging" Methods and Clinical Application for students of the Medical Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland. "Masterstudium, Jahrgang 5, Schlusskurs 1)

"Advanced Neuroimaging" Methods and Clinical Application for students of the Graduate Health School for Health Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland.



Complex, multimodal and advanced MRI acqusition strategies within the field of Neuroscience. 

Higher Order (On) analysis and modelling of MRI datasets